All you ever have to do to escape something is to wait until it's over

I mean you could rail against it. You could fight your way out. But all you ever have to do is wait until it's over

Waiting is a most powerful sort of fight. When I wait until it's over, then at the end, it is gone and I am still here. If I am jailed (literally jailed for my lifetime) all I have to do is wait until it's over. If I remain throughout, then I am still here when it ends—what greater definition of winning is there?

Whatever it is—it wants me to fight. It wants me to get involved. Because it wants to destroy me. If I fight, I might be destroyed. I don't want to fight—I don't need to. I don't need to become entangled. If I become entangled, it could draw me down. If I wait it out, it doesn't entangle me and I don't entangle it. I just wait it out. That's all I do. And it thrashes with itself and I just stand and watch. I stand and don't watch. But whatever I do, I just wait and remain myself and that thing wears itself out

Because the thing is fighting with itself—it isn't fighting with me. It may look to me for grapples and holds so it can draw me into its struggle. But its struggle is fundamentally with itself. My jailor isn't actually punishing me for what I've done—it is grappling with itself about its own issues. It is only demonstrating that it cares about such-and-such a law (holding me in a cell to prove something about itself)—I'm just a bystander. When you write your laws upon the walls, that is you stating something to yourself about how you feel about you—that's all judgment is. It's just you judging yourself. How can I fight with that? But more importantly—Why would I?

If the thing is within me, I can still wait it out. I can have responsibility within me to change my actions and still not fight. I can struggle and also wait it out. Everything within me isn't necessarily mine to control! My stomach is within me and I do little to control it. Most of my mind isn't even under my control! I'm just the little bit at the top who watches—I might not even be that! What I control is so little. So little even inside my own mind is the part that's me. A lot of what I go through isn't even controllable by me. So what is left for me to do is either to succumb or to wait it out! To be here all along—and be here on the other side—of a storm