Against hoarding (to enable a better economy)

You know earlier this year when wet wipes were unavailable at the store? That's the kind of hoarding I'm talking about here—not necessarily the kind of hoarding that leads you to end up on a TV show with 12 cats and a house full of garbage

No—here I'm talking about the supermarket kind of hoarding—the kind that causes you to buy 12 jars of wet wipes because you heard there's gonna be a shortage

That causes a few people to have all the wet wipes while most people can't get the one jar per week they needed

While this sort of anti-social behavior (in all sorts of areas) causes the non-hoarder's life to be a pain in the ass, the systemic effect is much worse—the economy gluts, and stops

In a capitalist society, who cares? The people who got there first and bought all the stuff spent their money just like you would have if you had thought ahead and hoarded wet wipes. It's fair, right? It's fair, but it screws up the whole system

As we move toward economies that function without money, it strikes me that no hoarding is one of the rules

Without hoarding, the nodes in the network won't become stag pools (they won't become billionaires) (and they won't have closets full of wet wipes)—not hoarding is a guideline that (among others) will help to keep the system running when there are even fewer checks and balances on what one person can do

Why not start now? Hoarding is a disgusting, antisocial behavior. It threatens the whole economy. Why not trust that tomorrow will be there, and just buy what you need?