Affirming my hiatus

Last April, I announced that I was going on hiatus, taking a break from my novel work

Eight months later, I'm still on hiatus

I have resumed writing blog posts—this is something I do for about an hour a day and also throughout the day (coming up with ideas)

I have continued programming

Those are the only forms of writing I'm doing now

Novel work has stopped. I had set a goal of 100 books earlier in my life but I've archived my book-writing notes and (though I still come up with ideas) I'm happy for now with having written ~42 books—the goal of 100 got me to 42 and I'm happy with that

Some of the ideas I have come up with are good, but I feel satisfied with what I've written and none of my new ideas are good enough to break out of my hiatus right now. Specifically, my last three books (Little Baby Faulkner, camera one camera two, and Cops vs. Aliens!) sit well with me and I feel like I did three good ones in a row and that was a bang enough for me to end on

Looking forward, I of course know that I can write anytime I want, but I also feel novels slipping away from me a bit (becoming a closed book?)—I've told the stories I had to tell. There's not something else I want to do in that domain at this moment

That's been true for eight months

Here's to another eight