Actively function as the cheerleader

Remember this always—to actively not function as the humiliator (as I was taught)

But even (or especially) in my hardest relationships, to act as the cheerleader, the encourager, the hoper, the one who brings light and joy and cheer!

When I fantasize, do not fantasize humiliation—fantasize cheer!

When I plan, do not plan for humiliation—plan for cheer!

When I act, do not ever act to humiliate—act to cheer!

This is my lesson in this life. Not some technical lesson. Not some lesson of writing skill. But to unlearn the lesson I learned as a child (which is that relationships are about being the humiliated or the humiliator)—and learn the inverse lesson—

That my job is purely to bring cheer!

That is why I was placed on this planet—and if not that is how I am re-placing myself here, now

To. Bring. Cheer!